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Anonymous asked:

((Unfortunately the person who brought the yaoi for last year's slumber party isn't able to make it to this year's AWA because of financial issues! All apologies involved!))

Aw, no problem! We understand that not everyone can make it and you’ll be missed, but we still appreciate and adore all the years we’ve been helped out and had fun with everyone <3


having trouble getting into the holiday spirit this year? a little tired of your usual christmas music? FRIENDLY REMINDER THAT THERE IS AN ENTIRE RECORDED ALBUM OF YAOI CHRISTMAS SONGS

featuring such ephemeral and festive hits as

  1. 12 Days of Yaoi
  2. Last Seme
  3. Carol of the Balls
  4. Gay Ride
  5. Deck the Balls
  6. Feliz Yaoidad
  7. Yaoi Press is Coming
  8. Let Him Blow
  9. Living in a Yaoi Wonderland
  10. Jiggly Balls

you’re welcome

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